Riding the Storm!

First long ride with Royal Enfield Desert Storm Classic 500 BS4 / BS IV , 2017 Edition

Getting a bullet , was always there in my bucket list. I was so particular about the machine that I should own. So I waited till I get this mean machine. Finally that dream came true! I got my Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desertstorm BS IV bullet on May 5th, 2017. Here’s a small travel description (partial travelogue) about the first long ride. Bangalore to Nileshwar.

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YouTube Experiments!

I have done so many stage shows, but recorded only few among them.
When I dug my personal video collection, found few gems.
Thought of uploading some of them by opening a channel in YouTube.

Here’s my YouTube channel link:

Whenever I get free time, I experiment on music using my Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, iPad .. and whatever thing that can produce music.

Will be uploading my works and stage shows in this channel, so
Please watch,like,share and subscribe.

And Yeah!, Soundcloud is the platform which I prefer to upload audio only stuffs.

Check out some tracks in my Soundcloud channel :




Accessing Azure Translation API using Single Token – Sample Java Snippet

Accessing API using ClientSecret and ClientID will be decommissioned after April 30,2017.


//Setting ClientID and ClientSecret obtained from Azure Portal
//Azure API Call
translatedText = Translate.execute(textToTranslate, Language.AUTO_DETECT,Language.ENGLISH);

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(Updated Trick – 100% Working) Buy Redmi Note 4 from Flipkart Flash sale – Black / Gold / Dark Grey [ Next Sale on 5th April, 2017 ]

[Updated – After successful purchase on April 29th Sale]

Flipkart is not allowing same user to purchase multiple device. If you are going for second purchase , It is better to create a new account (with another mobile number and email ID) and proceed following steps with new account.

Make sure that you verify the email ID and mobile number for the account, before the sale itself.

[Optional] Also before the sale go to some other product page and give postal PIN code, so that PIN code will be set before the sale.

Follow these steps then :-

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