BITS M.Tech WILP (Work Integrated Learning Program) – Admission Procedure (Updated 2017)

You will be able to see the official notification for admission in BITS Website.

Registering on Admission Portal :
Once you get the admission notification , go to Admission portal and register
Admission Portal

Filling Up the Admission Form :
Fill up the digital Admission form from the website. Download and fill the required fields in the form.
Get Mentor Consent form filled by mentor and Employer consent form filled by Employer/HR.
Photograph is required in the form. Also attest the relevant listed certificates/documents by HR/Gazette Officer

Upload the filled up form:
Once you get all the documents, upload this in portal. From my understanding, attestation is required mostly for Mark sheets and
Degree/Higher Secondary/Tenth certificates. I felt difficulty while uploading photograph, as the size recommendation was wrongly mentioned in website instructions. Minimize the image size and try in that case. Other documents, create a zip or combine in a PDF as per instruction.
Once you upload all required documents, you can see this step as completed.

Pay Application Fee :
You can pay this application Fee at any point of time.

Submit Application :
Once all the steps are completed you will be able to submit application. After you submit, Admission cell will check and verify all the documents. Wait for the Admision offer letter. Check the portal frequently, all the updates are given in portal. It will take a wee or more to get the Admission offer letter

Accept Offer :
Once you receive the offer letter accept the letter from portal. You will be requested to pay fees.

Pay Admission and Semester fee :
You will be requested to pay the admission fee and semester fee within a given date, once you accept the offer letter.

Once you pay fee, you will be allotted a Student ID, and the there you complete the application procedure.

Check for mail, there you will get Official BITS email ID.

Once you get all these try to login to eLearn portal and Taxila and learn about Course.
You will get notified the class starting date and all other details.

Useful Links :
e-Learning portal –
My Courses –
BITS Email –
Application center –…/view/


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