Ocean of the Eyes!

Aankhon ke Saagar … Hotthon ke Saagar…
Le doobe Hame… Le Doobe Hame…”

The song ‘Aankhon ke Sagar’ was composed by the Pakistani rock band – Fuzon. Legendary Musician – Shafqat Amanat Ali , gave life to this song with his mesmerizing sufi vocals.

Here’s my musical journey with that song …

March, 2014 

Practice session after tiresome office hours.We were selecting songs for a musical event at NIT Ragam. My buddy/bass-guru/great-musician Sandeep Raju recommended this song, ‘Ankhon ke Sagar‘ for me. And we jammed that song. Musician friends Nithin Narayanan and Vishnu Varma came by that time. They appreciated and told that the guitar-vocal combination sounds good for this song. There we shortlisted the song for the competition event. After few practices I mugged up the lyrics. During the event Sandeep helped to cover the second verse of the song.


Musical Aspects of this song :
The song was beautifully composed in the raaga Yaman/Kalyani. Sandeep figured out 3 wonderful chords that compliments the song while singing. A combination of this chords and sufi style singing makes a perfect acoustic blend.

Guitar tab for this song :

e 0—–0—–0—–0
B 0—–0—–0—–0
G 2—–4—–6—–8
D 2—–4—–6—–6
A 0—–2—–4—–4
E 0—–0—–0—–0

Due to lack of practice , I made mistake in Lyrics and Initial improvisation (As expected). But the excellent mix of sound in the stage and combined playing of 2 acoustic guitars (by Alan Joseph and Sandeep Raju) made it sound good. Anoop Wilson played Bass guitar for this. Percussion was handled by Vishnu Varma and Nithin Narayanan.

Check out the track :

July, 2014 

Later, I got a chance to sing in Kappa TV program called ‘MoodTapes‘. This program features tiny music video clips, by giving more importance to the mix of moods and music. I selected the song ‘Ankhon ke sagar’. Anoop wilson assisted with acoustic guitar. This time i revised the song by adding some swaras in between (similar to the Coke Studio version).

Swaras are as given below:
Ni Re Ga Ma Pa Ma Ga Re | Ma Ni Dha Pa |  Ma Dha Pa-a Ma Ga Re Ga-a Ga | Ni Ga Re Sa Ni Dha Ni Re | Pa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Ga Ma Dha Ni-i

Pa Ma Ga Re Ni-i Dha Pa | Ma Dha Pa Ma Ga Re | Ga Ma Pa Ma Re Ga-a Ga Ni Ga Re Sa |
Re Sa-a Ni Dha Pa | Ma Dha Pa Ma Ga Re | Ga-a Ma-a Pa-a

Met some energetic people from Kappa TV – Aneej,Mahesh and Anish. There were 3 takes for the video and one separate take for audio. But when the video got released, noticed that the audio chosen for that is not the best one I sung on that day. So thought came in mind to cover this song again with proper audio (But It’s still in mind).

Check out the MoodTapes – KappaTV video here :

October, 2014

The band ‘Rustic Raga’ (Previously known as Mazha – the Band) was formed by my musician friends, who were working in various MNCs (in Technopark, Trivandrum). The band had one stage show in October’14 , for which my friend Godwin (flutist) and Renjith Ramachandran (vocalist) invited me to perform. So we were in a hurry to name the band and do some sample videos. During a late night jamming session, we took this sample video for putting in YouTube.

One of my favorite guitarists – Arjun Vanil played bass and my personal guitarist/guru – Anoop Wilson played acoustic guitar. This is my favorite video cover, for the song – Aankhon Ke Saagar.

Once we got comfortable with the song , we performed this song in many venues which includes – internal company events (with company’s music club – Music Cafe) and most of the jamming sessions.


Now, the journey reached at this point! Found bunch of good musicians in Bangalore. A band was formed with great musicians – Vishnu Varma, Sandeep Raju, Anand Mahadevan, Vidya Panicker , Nitesh Lal and Samyuktha Rao. We are planning to cover the song once more, as part of the band promotion/YouTube channel. (will update this thread, once we release the video).

Some Links :

Click Here – for Song Lyrics

Click Here – for Original Song (YouTube)

Click Here – for Coke Studio Version

Click Here – for My YouTube Channel

Thanks for reading this long post!



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