(Updated Trick – 100% Working) Buy Redmi Note 4 from Flipkart Flash sale – Black / Gold / Dark Grey [ Next Sale on 5th April, 2017 ]

[Updated – After successful purchase on April 29th Sale]

Flipkart is not allowing same user to purchase multiple device. If you are going for second purchase , It is better to create a new account (with another mobile number and email ID) and proceed following steps with new account.

Make sure that you verify the email ID and mobile number for the account, before the sale itself.

[Optional] Also before the sale go to some other product page and give postal PIN code, so that PIN code will be set before the sale.

Follow these steps then :-

Here is the trick to purchase Redmi Note 4 from Flipkart. This is 100% working and proven trick for next sale – scheduled on March 15 , 2017 Wednesday.

Proof of purchase of Redmi Note 4 Black 4 GB / 64 GB Model , on 1 st March and 8th March Sale.


Complete instructions, Step by Step. Take time to read this and do all.

Initial Preparation

Preparing Browser:

  1. Open Chrome browser and add following extension (Price Tracker Extension)
    1. Click and Select add to chrome
      Link : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/price-tracker-comparison/hegbjcdehgihjohghnmdpebepnoalode?hl=en
  2. Restart Chrome

Preparing Flipkart account :

  1. Log In to http://flipkart.com
  2. Go to account page and add your Address
    Click here for address page : https://www.flipkart.com/account/addresses
  3. Select the address as default once it’s added

Close all instances of Chrome browser (Optional)

Pre-Sale Preparation  (Do this at least an hour before the sale)

  1. Open new Chrome browser
  2. Log In to http://flipkart.com
  3. Select chrome extension and tick the option ‘Auto Buy Redmi Note 4 Black 4GB 64GB) or whichever variant you want.extension
  4.  Above step will open a new tab and will take you to product page. In this page, select extension button from address bar and check the option from Rose box – Auto checkout (Indicated as 1 in below image). Make sure that an information box is present at bottom of the page (Indicated as 2 in below image)extension1
  5. Preparation is done, now keep this and come back at around 11.50 AM

During Sale [Important]

  1. As everything is prepared according to the previous step, now it is time to concentrate
  2. Above mentioned page will start auto refreshing sometime after 11:56  (Make sure that it start auto refreshing at least by 11.58, otherwise time might be wrong! Or something else wrong!)
  3. Concentrate, before 12 itself it will take to product checkout page.

[Following steps are the time critical, so be very careful and concentrate well]

  1. As soon as you get checkout page Select Cash on delivery or Card on Delivery and give the captcha code and press confirm

This should be done very fast. [Don’t go for other payment options, you can even pay it using Card sometimes after placing order successfully]

laststepIf you complete all these steps correctly, you will get the selected variant. Make sure that you have good internet connectivity.

All the best!

Reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1tNee0jPvc&t=199s

Special thanks to ‘Gold Techie


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