Riding the Storm!

First long ride with Royal Enfield Desert Storm Classic 500 BS4 / BS IV , 2017 Edition

Getting a bullet , was always there in my bucket list. I was so particular about the machine that I should own. So I waited till I get this mean machine. Finally that dream came true! I got my Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desertstorm BS IV bullet on May 5th, 2017. Here’s a small travel description (partial travelogue) about the first long ride. Bangalore to Nileshwar.

About the machine…

The vehicle was made on April’17, so the manufacturing was done according to the BS4 norms.

Classic 500 Desertstorm

Some of the major differences that I noticed compared to BS3 models are :

  1. Fuel pump / Malfunction indicator working was different from BS3. For initial ignition, this yellow indicator light will not go off untill engine starts
  2. AHO/DRL. Headlight will be on all the time
  3. One extra plug/valve near exhaust. (Due to which crash guard fitting will be little bit difficult)
  4. No switch for headlight in handlebar

I planned my long ride soon after completing first service (upon completing first 500kms) and registration. Can feel the power of 500cc machine in our hand, while riding. Of course , this is not suitable for Bangalore terrific.. oops!..typo.. *traffic! (You will realize this after your first long ride). Even though I completed first service , some light tappet sound was coming from the engine (Which I ignored after reading so many online reviews and forums. In most of the reviews, it was mentioned that this is normal and not harmful)

I have added only two accessories to the bike. Crash guard, which is very essential. There was no crash guard for this BS4 vehicles, as one extra plug/sensor (near exhaust) will make it difficult to fit/connect.  So expert mechanic from JC road (Bangalore) helped to connect BS3 crash guard by tweaking the lower connecting part of the crash guard. He maintained a small visible gap (of 1mm), between the crash guard and emission plug in exhaust. Apart from crash guard, I got seat cover.

About the journey…

I followed below route (highlighted in Blue). It took around 9.5 hrs to cover 400 kms.


After full tank fuel refill and pre-ride checkup, I started my journey on Friday, 3.40am. From Marathahalli to Silkboard and then entered the Nice road. As the name said, it was really NICE road. Then Mandya – Srirangapatna. After that without touching Mysore city went through Bilikere and then to Hunsur. Took breakfast-break at Hunsur. Ride through Mysore – Bangalore road was really awesome, as I explored the real potential of 500cc machine. Even though I refrained from raving the new engine, these road made me to touch 110kmph speed. After Hunsur, the ride was through villages, which were full of green lands. Experienced heavy rain for around two kilometers while traveling across Hunsur – Gonikoppa road. Royal Enfield Jacket and MT Helmet helped to survive the rain condition. Riding in rain was very smooth and hassle free, just because of these gears.  Then I traveled through one restricted forest area , which was very beautiful and in fact it was a wonderful experience. I was riding little bit carefully because of strolling cattle and dogs. Once I crossed Gonikoppa, ( without touching Virajpet) reached Brahmagiri forest zone, situated in Kerala – Karnataka border. Though the area is little bit deserted, the ride was fun.

Through Iritty – Sreekandapuram road, I reached Thaliparamba. Then I took NH66 Highway to Nileshwar. Reached Nileshwar at around 1.30PM. Full tank petrol (around 13l excluding reserve volume, and yeah! I prefer Shell V-Power) was sufficient for the journey.

During the journey, Took break after every one hour. Utilized this break time to have sufficient amount of water and light solid food. Did some warm-up/exercises too.

About the gears…

As this was my first long ride, I went with so much of preparation. Did a route study, weather check, went through forum reviews ..etc.

These are some of the accessories that I used for the journey :

  1. MT Blade helmet
  2. Royal Enfield Explorer V2 Jacket
  3. Decathlon Rain Pant
  4. Axo Racing Knee Guard
  5. ProBiker Gloves
  6. Mototech Mobile Mount
  7. Wildcraft backpack rain cover
  8. Decathlon bungee cord
  9. https://www.decathlon.in/p/8169680_bungee-cords-10-mm-x-100-x-2.html#/180-235-_


I recommend this Bullet to all looooooooooong ride lovers. If you are looking for city commute, this vehicle might not be a good option (especially in traffic). Check all the accessories listed above. These are some accessories that I bought after some research. Above mentioned links might help you for the purchase. Feel free to ask anything  about bullet,accessories, route…etc. , utilize comments section . Thank you for reading my post! Keep visiting.


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