YouTube Experiments!

I have done so many stage shows, but recorded only few among them.
When I dug my personal video collection, found few gems.
Thought of uploading some of them by opening a channel in YouTube.

Here’s my YouTube channel link:

Whenever I get free time, I experiment on music using my Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar, iPad .. and whatever thing that can produce music.

Will be uploading my works and stage shows in this channel, so
Please watch,like,share and subscribe.

And Yeah!, Soundcloud is the platform which I prefer to upload audio only stuffs.

Check out some tracks in my Soundcloud channel :





Ocean of the Eyes!

Aankhon ke Saagar … Hotthon ke Saagar…
Le doobe Hame… Le Doobe Hame…”

The song ‘Aankhon ke Sagar’ was composed by the Pakistani rock band – Fuzon. Legendary Musician – Shafqat Amanat Ali , gave life to this song with his mesmerizing sufi vocals.

Here’s my musical journey with that song …

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